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We help you nail Product-Market-Fit for your product.
End to End Product Lifecycle Insights & Support

Product Marketing Services

We help bring your products to life by supporting you through your product’s lifecycle, from ideation, development, launch, updates and exit.

Contact us to see how we can support your product in its current lifecycle stage. We'll help you release products that customers will knock-down your door for.

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Struggling to coordinate your product launch?

Go To Market Strategy

Launching a product has many moving parts: enabling Sales functions, activating Marketing campaigns, and the mad rush to have your product ready.

Our Product Marketing services act as the glue that orchestrates and align the functions of Product, Sales and Marketing. Providing your teams a clear and targeted Go To Market Strategy and plan.

See how we can write your successful Go-To-Market playbook.

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How we support your product lifecycle

We offer the following services at each stage of your product lifecycle

Target Customer Identification

We help you achieve product-market fit by identifying and profiling the target customers for your product so that you can focus on developing the right features that capture market demands.

Market Sizing

We measure the size of the potential market for your product to ensure your business case stacks up and your can set realistic Sales forecast targets

Product Positioning & Messaging

We craft your unique product story so that it speaks to your target customers and stands out in crowded markets.

Product Pricing & Offer

In conjunction with positioning and messaging your product, we help you determine the right price-point and offer for your product to ensure it represents the value your solution brings your customers, while staying competitive in market.

Go To Market Strategy & Planning

Let us relieve the stress of launching with our go-to-market playbook. We help prepare your sales channels and build excitement in the market for higher product up-take.

This includes training and activating your sales channels, whether online or through Partners and Sales teams, so that they are ready to generate and capture Sales from launch.

We also prime the market to anticipate the release of your product. Building your customer pipeline and nurturing a customer base with early product access and trials.

Customer Experience and User Design

Understanding your customer’s experience of your product is crucial to continuously improving your product offering.

We help you identify what delights them and where they experience pain-points so that you can prioritise updates in your Product Roadmap, maintain existing customers and grow your customer base.

How to engage us

on a Project Basis

Ideal to support one of the 3 phases in your Product Lifecycle: Product Development, Go-To-Market Strategy Planning, or a Product Update or Exit.

Pricing quoted on a project-basis.

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End to end lifecycle support

Ideal for full end-to-end lifecycle support. We pro-actively manage the full lifecycle of your product's success in preparation for launch, while in-market, and at exit to maintain the integrity of your brand.

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$250 Per Hour
By the hour

For ad hoc support and workshops. Such as running workshops on Product Positioning, Messaging and Offer Development, Target Customer Identification.

Initial hour is complimentary, thereafter $250 per hour.

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