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We bring clarity to your data analytics and campaign reporting by focusing only on the insights that matter.
Struggling to see the forest from the trees?

Reporting & Analytics

Today’s crowded digital market space returns an abundance of reporting and data. In fact, there is often too much data that is not comparable between platforms and channels for Marketing teams to accurately determine campaign success.

The complexity of this problem requires deep analysis from a Data Analytics team, often done in isolation and separately from campaign activities carried out by Marketing agencies.

We connect the dots between the art, the science and the audience of marketing to provide you with meaningful insights using analytics and data science.

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How well do you know your customers?

Customer insights

Our machine learning models help you truly understand your customer base and value so that you can focus your resources on the right target audience.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)
We help you more accurately estimate CLTV, combining demographic and purchase history parameters.
We use a clustering approach, including identification and testing specifically for advertising and CRM channels.
Product Affinity
Our machine learning model helps you identify customers with the highest propensity to buy.
We help you make the most of your time and money

Optimise your resources

We help you find higher returns on the time and money you spend developing content and incentives to grow your customer base.

Content Optimisation
Through natural language processing techniques we help you use the most relevant content for each customer segment.
Incentive Optimisation
With machine learning we can help you personalise customer incentives to increase propensity to purchase.
Cross-Channel Spend Optimisation
Our model can train on your historical data to recommend where to allocate campaign spend for higher returns.
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How we work with you

We take the following approach with our data analytics consulting
We help assess the right business and customer use cases that will benefit from data analysis and deeper insights.
We synthesis and transform your data into the necessary formats for modelling and analysis.
We build machine learning models to predict your key target metrics, measure their accuracy, and analyse your data to discover patterns.
We provide documented predictions and playbook recommends to help you execute on the insights we find.

Complimentary Strategy Session

Our 1 hour video call covers the following:

- your business ambitions and growth plans
- review your existing marketing assets and campaign results, and identify gaps
- help determine benchmarks for your business on your best performing campaigns

- provide insights on which areas of your marketing workflow to focus on for optimal impact
- recommend the right marketing metrics and KPIs on which to concentrate limited resources

- provide you a template for a 6 month roadmap that outlines an accountable digital marketing plan

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