How we came up with our name and tips for startups to find your own brand name

Brand names need to encapsulate what a business stands for and what matters most to them, which makes finding your brand name a tricky task. This is especially so when you’re starting a new business and still trying to work out your brand identity and personality. We faced the same struggle in discovering our name.

Find your northstar

As a start-up marketing agency, we were entering a very crowded market, so we had to find a way to stand out. The reason we were confident enough to pursue setting up our own agency was because we felt after many years as Marketers we had lost the main reason we’d come into Marketing, which was to be creative storytellers. Instead, we were trapped in the world of data analytics and online campaign reporting. Our agency would focus on bringing back real creativity and storytelling to Marketing. This has become our northstar and what we stand for as a brand.

Trying on names for the perfect fit

We spent a lot of time with the thesaurus searching for all the words associated with “creative” and “story”. Initially we tried joining words together to create a point of difference, but they sounded a little trite: “CreativeScience”. Then we tried different combinations of words. “What the story?” was a favourite of ours for a few weeks until we tested it with a few people. Although some liked it, they also questioned what sort of company we were and couldn’t associate the name with a marketing agency. So we tossed that one out. 

We got side-tracked

By this point we’d exhausted all words related to “creative” and “story” in the English language and had to start thinking about alternatives. An area of expertise in our Marketing agency is data analytics, so we experimented with the concept of helping businesses “dig for gold” by providing them valuable marketing insights. We started looking for the word gold in other languages and tried on Zlato, gold in Croatian. It was certainly unique, but we weren’t in love with it. None of us were Croatian or had any specific plan to find our first customers in a country halfway across the world from Australia. Also, we realised we rather be associated with the more positive feeling of creativity than that of being gold-diggers. 

Stick to your Northstar

When we finally went back to our northstar, focusing on creativity, everything fell into place. Japanese pop-culture is globally known for its manga, quirky designs and creative innovation. So we looked up “create” in Japanese and found that it is often anglicised to “kurieto”. This is how we found our brand name, Kuriet, and domain,, all in one hit! It checked: 

a) all the requirements for a successful online brand name, see “What’s in a name” post with actionable tips

b) encapsulated our northstar of “creativity” and “storytelling”

c) sounds like the English word “curate” which is also what we help businesses with when we optimise and curate their creative content for better campaign results.

Branding is all about what you see on first impressions so it has to feel, look and sound right straight away. Kuriet, ‘sounded’ and ‘felt’ exactly the right fit for our business. Our next step was to make sure we ‘looked’ right too.

If you'd like some help with finding the north-star for your brand, our Brand Specialists can help with our 1:1 Complimentary Consultancy sessions.

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