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Designing effective slide decks and presentations

Powerpoint and presentation slide decks are ubiquitous in business meetings and online, but great presentations are less common.

How to choose the right font for your brand

What are some of the basic principles of typography? Learn how to select the right one for your brand and what to look for.

Going Carbon Neutral isn’t rocket science, we did it & so can you.

Seeing the early signs of climate change acted as an awakening. Find out why we made the choice to go Carbon Neutral and how we did it.

NSW Competition Permits Have Changed as of July 1st 2020 & it’s Time to Celebrate

As of 1 July 2020, you no longer need to obtain a licence to run a competition (or trade promotion) in NSW if your total prize pool is under $10,000 AUD. Game of chance competitions are now once again fair game.

How much should it cost to get a logo designed?

How much should I pay for a logo design and what makes for a great logo? Great logos should last the lifetime of your brand and the trends of any age.

How to tell a story that resonates with your audience

Three tips on how to tell a story and create content resonates with your audience.

What is Colour Theory for Brand Design

How we came up with our brand colours using colour psychology and the colour wheel. We take a look at a few common colour schemes designers use to select colour palettes.

Discovering your Brand Values

Understanding your brand values is important when developing your brand's visual identity. It form a key element in the creation of your overall Brand Guidelines.

The Marketer's guide to understanding and being relevant to your customers

The heart of marketing is understanding your customer. This is the ultimate guide to understanding and relating to your audience.

How to be a "good" Marketer

Marketing is often connected with businesses or brands trying to push a product or service that we’re not actually interested in.

How we came up with our name and tips for startups to find your own brand name

Branding can make or break a business. Here's a look at our journey in naming Kuriet, with some inspiration to guide you on the right path for finding the right brand name fit for you.

How to navigate & grow your B2B business through covid

Actionable tips to help your business swim instead of sink during COVID.

How do I come up with a name for my startup?

Finding a name for your startup is one of the hardest things you can do. Here are some actionable tips on how to come up with a name.

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